Corporate Governance

As a corporate entity, EON realizes its responsibilities towards its consumers, clients, stakeholders, partners and employees, thereby adding a human touch to business along the way. 
EON aims to attain maximum reach and acceptability, right from individual customer  satisfaction, to being the nation’s most preferred brand. Moreover, backed by a history  of achievement and determination, the group comfortably offers a portfolio of eco responsible products and services that deliver powerful, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions without compromising on capacity and security.
Employee relations
Eon recognizes human resources as its most valuable assets. It continues to provide a platform for individual opportunities and for growth in knowledge and skills of all its people. The management acknowledges the contribution of its employees and the spirit of commitment demonstrated by them in realizing the company’s Vision.

A team of highly-skilled and diverse workforce, employees and R&D personnel has been possible due to the development and advancement opportunities, along with competitive compensation and benefits that appropriately reward performance. 


EON fosters an environment of healthy interaction and communication internally, through several channels. This includes an internal web portal and company website along with communication sessions with the top management of the company.


These sessions assess employee satisfaction and provide inputs for business planning, management decision-making and company strategy development. They also helps the employees to implement company policies, meet high standards of conduct, and thereby reflect company values in everything they do.


Moreover, optimizing employee health is a priority, which is achieved by reducing the risk from occupational injury. After all, an empowered nation is possible only by empowered people. And that’s why at EON, we collectively and passionately work as team to achieve our goals.

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Customer Grievance/Redressal System