People don't just bring their brains to work: they also bring their hearts and soul. They want to feel passionate about what they are doing and be a part of whatever is great.

We at Eon Electric Limited, recognize this truism and seek out and strike a dialogue straight with the hearts and souls of our employees.

"Every individual has the potential to perform if he or she gets proper motivation, the right opportunity and the freedom to work. In the long run success is achieved when ordinary people perform extraordinarily. It is important to keep an open mind rather than drawing preconceived impressions about people. More often that not, such impressions will be proven wrong."

Faster, Higher, Stronger - is our maxim, our way of individual and organizational performance. This is how we managed a successful business turnaround in Eon Electric  Ltd.  - with  and through  each  one  of  our  employees.  And  not  only  our excellent  brand  of products,  our  people  provide  an  excellent  competitive advantage to us.




People,  Processes  and  Practices  the  three  cornerstones  of  our  pursuit  of excellence at EEL. We keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and we respond actively to transform it into action. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement.






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People, in real sense, are a lasting competitive advantage of any organization. People are the engine driving our business successfully. Everything else - almost everything  else  can  be  replicated  - products, brands,  services, assets  and infrastructure, but not people resources. What an organization indeed requires is developing a strong foundation of capable and competent human resources. We at Eon have a firm faith in this truism. And that is why, besides a well-acclaimed Eon brand of our excellent products in Fans, Appliances, Luminaries and Lighting, we are an organization well known for excellent human resources.

Through sustained Training &development activities- both in house and external, we ensure that competencies, skills, knowledge and capabilities of our employees are continuously sharpened. We have customized training programmes on 'Selling Skills', 'Customer Relationship' and Branch Management' etc.

Besides  these  business  specific  topics  we  also  have  behavioral  training programmes on topics such as ' Interpersonal Relations', 'Team Building & Working in  Teams',  '  Personal  Effectiveness'  and  'Goal  Setting'  etc.  Through  in  house Development centers, we assess our people on business specific competencies and provide valuable feedback and individual specific training as required.

Any new employee starts his career in Eon with a well-defined, job specific induction programme the responsibility for which is assumed jointly by H R head and the respective BU/ Function. We ensure that a new family member is fully acclimatized with the organizational environment and understands his job responsibilities very well so that he can perform very well in a challenging environment with stretched goals but with a comfortable feeling that he/she is being cared for and helped in every possible way.



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